Fidelis 5th Company Returns to the UNSC


Fidelis 5th Company, led by Cookiemonster and Exubrant, was a growing and upcoming UNSC clan in 2018 before it and its leaders chose to leave its UNSC roots. With the growing Insurrectionist movement at the time, Fidelis felt its best opportunities to grow and become a better clan were siding with clans such as Sentinel and its friends. However, this small friendship between the 2 entities would not last long. During an interview with Exubrant, he cited that Sentinel "corrupted Fidelis" and its leadership as they tried to achieve their goals to grow into a stronger and better. Eventually they would realize this corruption and begin to distance themselves from Sentinel.

This distance would reach its peak on Tuesday, January 22nd, as Fidelis chose to return to its founding principles as become a UNSC Clan once again. With this return, Fidelis has said they hope to continue their externals goals they previously had with the UNSC. They would like to create a more "unified" and "interactive" UNSC Community through collaboration among clans. To do this, they intend on forming a non-aggression pact with other UNSC Clans as well as gathering a group of UNSC Leaders to discuss how they can better the UNSC Community as a whole. Currently, no one has responded or taken Fidelis up on these offers. If you or your clan is interested in learning more about these offers from Fidelis, feel free to reach them within the UNSC Community Hub Discord Server.

UPDATE: After this article was written, Fidelis pledged its support to the clan Intelligence Agency (IA) in their war vs West Coast ONI. They announced this partnership with IA in a formal announcement within multiple community servers. They also promised to engage any clan that supports West Coast ONI during this war.

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Hayes SIV

News Contributor

January 24, 2019