The Clan Community on Halo Reach


After the huge success of Halo 3, Bungie, the team behind the game, wanted to get away from the cooperation looming over them, Microsoft. Microsoft made a compromise to let them out of their contract if they made two more Halo games, one out of those two games ended up as Halo: Reach. With the launch of the newest Halo game being right around the corner, looking like November of 2019,  we are looking back at our roots and take a trip down memory lane by looking at the status of the clan community that remains on Reach to this today.

After Defense Command, one of the few UNSC clans that was still left on Reach, switched over to Halo 5: Guardians in early December, it appears that the Insurrectionist faction has taken its place at the helm of the community. After the UNSC presence dropped drastically, the clan called “The Resistance” is now considered the top clan based on skill and activity by the fellow clans in the Reach community. The 55+ member clan is very active, having at least two events a week with other groups.  

We sat down for as brief interview with the leader of “The Resistance”, IB Korrupty. After giving just a brief overview of his clan, he was asked why he still stayed on Reach instead of moving to 5, “I have a 360 still and if I did have a Xbox One, I wouldn't make a clan on 5” (IB Korrupty). This answer reflects most of the Reach players, they either don’t have a Xbox One or really dislike Halo 5: Guardians for various reasons. However, they have said that they are looking forward to Halo: Infinite, and they may make the switch over. No matter the reason they stay, there is no doubt that the Reach community is still clinging to life, but for how long, we don’t know. Chances are, the community won’t survive after the next game comes out. The leader of “The Resistance”, IB Korrupty, put it in a very straight way, “Reach is dying and soon it’ll be no more, great memories were made on the game, but everything reaches its peak and dies off.” (IB Korrupty). 

All in all, the community really dislikes Halo 5: Guardians and would prefer to stay on the game they know and love, Halo: Reach. With the UNSC in shambles, only 2-3 private military clans remaining, and the sangheili M.I.A, “The Resistance” and the rest of the Insurrectionist faction have complete control to reign over the community. With their game turning 9-years-old and the servers deteriorating, the community may not last another year and, they have high hopes for Halo: Infinite. Hopefully the new game will suit their standards so the community can reconvene all together again.

Contributed by:

Jacob Coady

News Contributor

February 6, 2019