So let us have a talk about this new Halo Community News Wesbite for a moment.


Well, upon reading up on the announcement given by NavComs Hayes, describing his intention for the creation of this UNSC News website which it is geared mostly to the UNSC community as a whole. At the time, I must admit that I mocked him. Thinking to myself “ I get it, you are wanting to try and unite the community in a different way, but come on dude, people just don’t really care all that much about each other.” This for me as around 0430 EST as I prepared for my normal work day.  


As the day carried on, I have to admit that regardless of how I played Mr. Hayes idea around in my head; I couldn’t find any good reason to dislike or downplay his thoughts on this “ UNSC News”, and admittedly I found myself really enjoying the thought of how it could be of use for the community as a whole to get some kind of positive propaganda for a change and not our standard “ UNSC Clan super edgy picture with even edgier words in faded backgrounds” style of propaganda we normally are subjected to throughout the week. To me it actually seemed like something many of us could really get behind if given the right motivation and it would give us all something we could take pride in as a community more than just our own clan pride.  

During work, I found myself torn between questions as I tended my first project of the day. I grabbed the hose to my torch and began my safety drills for everyone to clear the area as I was about to ignite the forge from which most of my day’s work comes from. The gas checked green as normal and I started adding fuel to the fire to increase it’s glow to wear it needed to be for me to start shaping steel. Grabbing my headphones as I normally did, I began the rhythmic hammering of hot steel to the sound of my music as I have done a thousand times by now; allowing everything to be controlled my memory. This allowed me to free up my thoughts so I could run through the problematic questions I had been working on for most of the day.  

One of them of course was Hayes and his News Channel and what it could really mean for the UNSC as a group and even what it could do for the individual running their clan. The implications of this channel could as many of us who pay attention to our local news/ national news stations can cause trouble if not handled in the right manner. What is the grounds for censorship? Are their ideas that those who are writing these articles can not dive into? Is this UNSC News Channel going to slowly follow the path of those before it where they start to water things down so people can’t see the full truth?  


Many of these questions flooded my mind as hammer struck steel in its rhythmic fashion. Forcing my arm back in recoil from the impact from each swing. I decided that for the moment the questions would have to wait as I finished with the first of the day’s many steel workings and moved onto the next.  

Finishing out my day was as normal as possible. My boss treating me to the by this time normal abuse of cracking jokes about my face since it was covered in black dust from the forge, and my return of how his hair was out of place even with the excess amount of jell he seemed to always use. We laughed at our stupid wise cracks and parted way heading towards are vehicles to make our trips across New Jersey to yet again start the process over again tomorrow. While driving though…..  


The thoughts that flooded my mind rushed back as if the dam had burst open. With nothing holding it all back, my mind raced as I traveled south on the traffic congested New Jersey parkway of death. The thoughts I had earlier in the day began to find their places as I was able to put more processing power into it instead of the hammer and rhythm of the day. Finally the answer came to me as the traffic began to dispurce from the exits. I could see how this channel could grow into something we all could use. As the community stands, we have no real unity. None of us really have the energy to travel this road alone. And that is why this channel has such a great chance of doing just that uniting the community. Same basic idea as the radio back in the 1920-1930’s when for the first time across the United States citizens were able to hear the the President for the first time speak to the entire nation, uniting it as it has never been united before that moment.  


Though this is a small little channel, I do really think that given the state of the UNSC community as a whole needs something for the groups to get behind. In the past only community scale warfare was what brought everyone together, only through conflict did the UNSC become somewhat whole as a unit. As I mentioned in my previous paragraph, this channel, this website has the possibility to bring the UNSC some form of unity through the thoughts and ideals of others, giving everyone a perspective from both the news writers and those like myself who are putting out opinions out into the general public for all to read and understand our points of view. So Ladies and Gentlemen please enjoy the upcoming content and the different voices from all around the UNSC community. 

Contributed by:

Jaeger SII S056

Opinion Writer

January 17, 2019