UNSC Centralization: Why aren’t we, and would it be good?


The idea of a centralized UNSC is something many people have pondered throughout the lifespan of the UNSC community, and there have been many attempts at it such as the UEG and the UN. All have failed so far, and it might be for good reason. This topic is not a very “fresh” one at the moment, but it certainly is one that deserves to be talked about. There has been a thought-provoking question that many have asked throughout the UNSC that pops up time and time again; “Why isn’t the UNSC centralized?”, and no one has had a definitive answer. But now, there may have been a grand realization of the community’s problem; the community is too self-centered.

Big shocker, isn’t it? It’s not like there are people constantly going all over the place, flaunting their win/loss record in a pointless war against some unknown clan or anything… wait… crap. In all seriousness, the people that lead the smaller and larger UNSC clans have enormous egos. People like PersCom Sam who have so much trouble putting aside their pride that they are usurped by their second in command, and the people like Coachable who are too headstrong to realize that they are in the wrong. They do not want to be under anyone after being at the top for so long. They do not want to take orders from a centralized “High Command”, rather, they want to command their armies to their heart's content. They do not want to follow a community-wide uniform, they want to have their own individual style for their group. They do not want to abide by a community Rules of Engagement, they want to set their own rules.

At its core, the UNSC is a very respectable and loyal community, but it has fallen into a cesspool of  hate-spitting arena fights and venomous shit talking of fellow UNSC soldiers. Now the next thing to tackle is a little more complicated; should the UNSC centralize? Another interesting question that nobody is really asking, but one that should be addressed. In reality, centralization just would not work. It sounds phenomenal on paper, but in practice, it would be an absolute disaster. There are too many idiots running around creating smaller clans, thinking they are this high and mighty leader when they have a terrible clan that no one respects. The volatile nature of the leadership in the community at the moment is quite alarming. With the constant bickering between leaders and the telling of soldiers to shoot other UNSC, it is hard to believe the UNSC community is even in the slightest bit connected.

If a centralization process were to happen now, it would have to start small with lesser known clans coming together, with the larger clans in the community supporting them until it becomes stable enough for the larger clans to integrate. It would most certainly be a long and boring process, and there would be many disputes over power, but if we worked together it could possibly happen. The process could start off with the smaller “Com” clans that are big enough to call themselves a “clan”. Over time, they would grow in size and strength. Eventually large enough where even Naval Command could consider integrating. The concept is fairly simple, but simple does not mean easy.

Although this could work, such an ambitious idea would have many different problems. The Coachable’s and Highcom Kurt’s of the UNSC community would come out guns blazing if they were not given sufficient amounts of power, and the central UNSC would need to create a foolproof plan to integrate a massive clan like Naval Command. Another issue would be policies. Foreign policies; rules of engagement; forging; uniforms; war tactics; training; command structure; the list could go on. Most clans have to go through these kinds of things anyway, but trying to do them while also maintaining an entire community of people? The length of time to get a single word ratified by all parties would cause people to quit out of inactivity. Furthermore, the division of power between clans/branches. What clans would keep their name, what clans will not? Who will be part of the High Command, who will lead the Navy, the Army, the Marines, possibly even an Office of Naval Intelligence (but that would be a stretch)? Power and ego go hand in hand, so if someone has a large ego, they will think they deserve more power than anyone else. The amount of bias and self-entitlement could black out the sun.

One thing that should be mentioned is Spartans. Of course, Spartans would be included, but in what way is the question. If the UNSC centralized, there would have to be a thinning of Spartans to the point where there is only one person portraying each Spartan. It wouldn’t make sense to have three John-117s running around saying “I’m the real Master Chief.” This would cost the UNSC community a major chunk of its members for the fact that there would be so many disputes on who should be the “real Jorge” or the “real Fred”. With this comes the concept of non-cannons, and if they should exist. But that is a conversation that best deserves its own highlight.

The concept of centralization is fairly good when you do not look at the main issues of it like dividing power and the creation rules and regulations. Once someone puts some actual thought into it, the concept turns into a major headache that no one would want to go through. The time and effort put into a video game would not be worth it in the end. Maybe it is good that the UNSC is not centralized...

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January 26, 2019